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Medium Size, B-45AlertSeat™

Evaluated in therapeutic settings Put through its paces by people who know:
  • Schools that serve exceptional students
  • Classrooms for typical children
  • Clinical and therapeutic settings
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Here are some places where teachers, students, and therapists use AlertSeat™

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  • Archbishop Damiano School, St John of God Community Campus (NJ.)
  • Berks County (Pa.) Intermediate Unit
  • Bucks County (Pa.) Intermediate Unit #22
  • Capital Area (Pa.) Intermediate Unit
  • Centennial School, Lehigh University
  • Crestwood Area School District (Pa.) — Fairview Elementary
  • Cumberland Valley School District (Pa.)
  • Dallas Area (Pa.) School District
  • Delaware County (Pa.) Intermediate Unit
  • Fort Washington (Pa.) Elementary School
  • The Graham Academy, Luzerne, Pa.
  • Harrisburg Academy
  • Hazleton Area (Pa.) School District
  • Northeast Educational Intermediate Unit #19
  • The Janus School
  • Kennedy Krieger Institute
  • Luzerne County (Pa.) Intermediate Unit #18
  • Montessori School of the Wyoming Valley (Pa.)
  • New Story School
  • Putnam Northern Westchester County, NY BOCES
  • Schuylkill County (Pa.) Intermediate Unit #29
  • Shippensburg Area (Pa.) Schools
  • Southern Westchester County, NY BOCES
  • Susquehanna Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Valhalla, NY School — Kensico Elementary
  • Wilkes-Barre Area School District (Pa.) — Kistler Elementary
  • Wyoming Valley Children’s Association
  • Wyoming Valley West School District (Pa.) — Schuyler Elementary

Here’s what users have to say about the AlertSeat™

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Teachers of exceptional children

“] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, Exceptional children, grades 1-3″]“Students were able to obtain sensory needs while in a learning environment.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, Exceptional children, 8-10 years olds”]“It helped with transition between activities and tasks. Students used it for active time, and to release energy”.[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, Exceptional 12 year-old.”]“It helped the student to calm down when he was tense. It also gave him time to take a break and bounce for a sensory activity.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, Exceptional children, 11-15-year olds”]“Some students liked using it, stating it helped them to focus. The Asperger students tended to use it more frequently.”[/pl_blockquote] alertSeatClassroom4Medium Size, B-45 [pl_blockquote cite=”Resource Teacher, Exceptional children, grades 2-12″]“Kids wanted to sit on the AlertSeat™. It’s a great option to have in my classroom.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, Exceptional class, 3-5 year-olds.”]“A very active child stayed seated at the table for ½ hour doing fine motor tasks.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, Exceptional preschool class”]“Kids did less fidgeting and were more attentive… They learned ‘I want ball’ to manage use.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, Exceptional preschool class”]“[Student] increased attention at circle, and was able to sit without getting up or using disruptive behavior.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, Exceptional 14-18 year olds.”]“Offered a fun place for students to sit and do their work…A good motivator for students who have trouble staying on task or getting started working.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, Exceptional 7-9 year olds.”]“Reinforced good behavior during work time.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, Exceptional 14-19 year olds”]“Worked well with some students who move around frequently in their seats…easy to move around when working one-on-one with students at a student or teacher desk.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, Exceptional 7-10 year olds”]“Great Seat. Cuts down on rocking and stimulations while (the student is) completing class work at the table.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, Exceptional 7-10 year olds”]“I spend less time redirecting and more time teaching.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, Autism Support”]“I received the [additional anti-microbial] cover [that I ordered] today. Thank you for [the] help and follow up. We are very much enjoying the seats in class!”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Supervisor, Intermediate Unit”]“The therapists really have been having a lot of success with [the AlertSeat™]. They love it.”[/pl_blockquote] [/pl_accordioncontent] [pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”3″ heading=”

AlertSeat™ comments from typical classrooms

“] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, Preschool, 3- 4-year olds.”]“Once they became familiar with proper usage, they loved sitting on it”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, Preschool, 3- 4-year olds.”]“It gave the children who have somewhat more difficulty focusing their attention a chance to feel involved with what the group was doing”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, Elementary, 5- 6 year olds.”]“It helped the children who liked to move around”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, typical 6-7 year olds.”]“Students remained focused”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher, typical 8-9 year olds.”]“Using the AlertSeat™ helped my students to focus on the task at hand.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Elementary teacher, Montessori”]“Loved this option for my students…[well received by] students who need movement to focus.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Preschool teacher, Montessori”]“I liked the seat as it encouraged the toddlers to shift their weight to balance themselves.”[/pl_blockquote] [/pl_accordioncontent] [pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”4″ heading=”

AlertSeat™ in Therapeutic Settings

“] [row][span7]AlertSeat is gaining ground as a tool in physical therapy settings for patients of all ages. [pl_blockquote cite=”Therapist for exceptional 17 year old.”]“My student received the sensory input he needed from the AlertSeat™ and stopped jumping out of his seat to run back and forth across the room. This means he is spending more time on task while having his needs met.”[/pl_blockquote] Elderly[/span5][/row] [pl_blockquote cite=”OT for exceptional 10-15 year olds”]“During therapy sessions, most students demonstrated improved posture and attending skills. I was able to concentrate on instructions for hand skills instead of constantly prompting for attention to task”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”OT for 5-14 year olds in autistic support therapy and classes.”]“It worked very well to improve attention and posture. (it) helped to provide optimal positioning for task oriented activities during OT sessions.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”OT for 3-5 year olds in therapy and class.”]“Good for posture/ alignment and for low tone…facilitates neck, eye attendance”.[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”OT, exceptional pre-K 3-5 year-olds in early intervention”]“Attentiveness and time on task as well as posture improved for ADD students with hyperactivity”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”OT, K-Grade 3″]“I felt this ball chair [for typical students] helps to increase postural awareness and visual attending”.[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”OT, 3-5 year-olds, typical and exceptional.”]“Many students found the seat intriguing and comfortable as a part of therapy sessions. They are familiar with sensory input in this setting”.[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”PT, Exceptional children pre-k to grade 3″]“It (AlertSeat) gave me a tool to use for working on dynamic seating balance, and increasing attention”.[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Staff Occupational Therapist at Adult Rehabilitation Center, serving individuals ages 40-100″]“These seats give the added stability that some of our clients need while continuing to work on balance and trunk strengthening.[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Staff Occupational Therapist at Adult Rehabilitation Center, serving individuals ages 40-100″]What population did you find most receptive to AlertSeat?“All ages 40 and up” (to age 100).[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Staff Occupational Therapist at Adult Rehabilitation Center, serving individuals ages 40-100″]Did the AlertSeat make your job easier? “Yes. This is a new activity for a lot of our clients that were unable to manage their balance on an (unsupported) therapy ball.” (to age 100).[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Staff Occupational Therapist at Adult Rehabilitation Center, serving individuals ages 40-100″]For clients ages 40+, the AlertSeat provided improvement in “Attentiveness, Posture, and Trunk Strength.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Staff Occupational Therapist at Adult Rehabilitation Center, serving individuals ages 40-100″]“You should explore marketing to geriatric populations and older adults with physical disabilities.”[/pl_blockquote] [/pl_accordioncontent] [pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”5″ heading=”

Students react to AlertSeat™

“] alertSeatClassroom3 This student prefers the AlertSeat™ to conventional seating at all times. Medium Size, B-45 [pl_blockquote cite=”Student with autism”]“The ball was good for our class…it gets the kids to sit down!”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Student with autism”]“It helps me concentrate”.[/pl_blockquote] [/pl_accordioncontent] [pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”6″ heading=”

Adults like AlertSeat™, too

“] [pl_blockquote cite=”Elementary teacher”]“I used it as a teacher, and loved it”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Teacher of typical 5 and 6 year olds.”]“I feel it helped my posture when I sat on it. I usually use a student chair for my work in the carpet area, but the ball replaced it for me, and I love it.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”PT, Exceptional children pre-k to grade 3″]“Using one myself while working with a student improved my body mechanics and posture.”[/pl_blockquote] [pl_blockquote cite=”Pa. County Social Work Supervisor”]“The ball chair definitely eased my back pain when sitting for long periods at my desk or computer.”[/pl_blockquote] [/pl_accordioncontent] [pl_accordioncontent name=”accordion” number=”7″ heading=”

AlertSeat™ is great for home use

“] [pl_blockquote cite=”Occupational therapist for exceptional 7-15 year olds.”]“It would benefit families at mealtime to increase sitting tolerance”[/pl_blockquote] [/pl_accordioncontent] [/pl_accordion] AlertDesk New Item: Units currently being tested in school and therapeutic settings. Watch for comments soon