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Medium Size, B-45AlertSeat™

Evaluated in therapeutic settings Put through its paces by people who know:
  • Schools that serve exceptional students
  • Classrooms for typical children
  • Clinical and therapeutic settings
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  • Archbishop Damiano School, St John of God Community Campus (NJ.)
  • Berks County (Pa.) Intermediate Unit
  • Bucks County (Pa.) Intermediate Unit #22
  • Capital Area (Pa.) Intermediate Unit
  • Centennial School, Lehigh University
  • Crestwood Area School District (Pa.) — Fairview Elementary
  • Cumberland Valley School District (Pa.)
  • Dallas Area (Pa.) School District
  • Delaware County (Pa.) Intermediate Unit
  • Fort Washington (Pa.) Elementary School
  • The Graham Academy, Luzerne, Pa.
  • Harrisburg Academy
  • Hazleton Area (Pa.) School District
  • Northeast Educational Intermediate Unit #19
  • The Janus School
  • Kennedy Krieger Institute
  • Luzerne County (Pa.) Intermediate Unit #18
  • Montessori School of the Wyoming Valley (Pa.)
  • New Story School
  • Putnam Northern Westchester County, NY BOCES
  • Schuylkill County (Pa.) Intermediate Unit #29
  • Shippensburg Area (Pa.) Schools
  • Southern Westchester County, NY BOCES
  • Susquehanna Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Valhalla, NY School — Kensico Elementary
  • Wilkes-Barre Area School District (Pa.) — Kistler Elementary
  • Wyoming Valley Children’s Association
  • Wyoming Valley West School District (Pa.) — Schuyler Elementary

Here’s what users have to say about the AlertSeat™

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“Students were able to obtain sensory needs while in a learning environment.”Teacher, Exceptional children, grades 1-3

“It helped with transition between activities and tasks. Students used it for active time, and to release energy”.Teacher, Exceptional children, 8-10 years olds

“It helped the student to calm down when he was tense. It also gave him time to take a break and bounce for a sensory activity.”Teacher, Exceptional 12 year-old.

“Some students liked using it, stating it helped them to focus. The Asperger students tended to use it more frequently.”Teacher, Exceptional children, 11-15-year olds

alertSeatClassroom4Medium Size, B-45

“Kids wanted to sit on the AlertSeat™. It’s a great option to have in my classroom.”Resource Teacher, Exceptional children, grades 2-12

“A very active child stayed seated at the table for ½ hour doing fine motor tasks.”Teacher, Exceptional class, 3-5 year-olds.

“Kids did less fidgeting and were more attentive… They learned ‘I want ball’ to manage use.”Teacher, Exceptional preschool class

“[Student] increased attention at circle, and was able to sit without getting up or using disruptive behavior.”Teacher, Exceptional preschool class

“Offered a fun place for students to sit and do their work…A good motivator for students who have trouble staying on task or getting started working.”Teacher, Exceptional 14-18 year olds.

“Reinforced good behavior during work time.”Teacher, Exceptional 7-9 year olds.

“Worked well with some students who move around frequently in their seats…easy to move around when working one-on-one with students at a student or teacher desk.”Teacher, Exceptional 14-19 year olds

“Great Seat. Cuts down on rocking and stimulations while (the student is) completing class work at the table.”Teacher, Exceptional 7-10 year olds

“I spend less time redirecting and more time teaching.”Teacher, Exceptional 7-10 year olds

“I received the [additional anti-microbial] cover [that I ordered] today. Thank you for [the] help and follow up. We are very much enjoying the seats in class!”Teacher, Autism Support

“The therapists really have been having a lot of success with [the AlertSeat™]. They love it.”Supervisor, Intermediate Unit

“Once they became familiar with proper usage, they loved sitting on it”Teacher, Preschool, 3- 4-year olds.

“It gave the children who have somewhat more difficulty focusing their attention a chance to feel involved with what the group was doing”Teacher, Preschool, 3- 4-year olds.

“It helped the children who liked to move around”Teacher, Elementary, 5- 6 year olds.

“Students remained focused”Teacher, typical 6-7 year olds.

“Using the AlertSeat™ helped my students to focus on the task at hand.”Teacher, typical 8-9 year olds.

“Loved this option for my students…[well received by] students who need movement to focus.”Elementary teacher, Montessori

“I liked the seat as it encouraged the toddlers to shift their weight to balance themselves.”Preschool teacher, Montessori

AlertSeat is gaining ground as a tool in physical therapy settings for patients of all ages.

“My student received the sensory input he needed from the AlertSeat™ and stopped jumping out of his seat to run back and forth across the room. This means he is spending more time on task while having his needs met.”Therapist for exceptional 17 year old.


“During therapy sessions, most students demonstrated improved posture and attending skills. I was able to concentrate on instructions for hand skills instead of constantly prompting for attention to task”OT for exceptional 10-15 year olds

“It worked very well to improve attention and posture. (it) helped to provide optimal positioning for task oriented activities during OT sessions.”OT for 5-14 year olds in autistic support therapy and classes.

“Good for posture/ alignment and for low tone…facilitates neck, eye attendance”.OT for 3-5 year olds in therapy and class.

“Attentiveness and time on task as well as posture improved for ADD students with hyperactivity”OT, exceptional pre-K 3-5 year-olds in early intervention

“I felt this ball chair [for typical students] helps to increase postural awareness and visual attending”.OT, K-Grade 3

“Many students found the seat intriguing and comfortable as a part of therapy sessions. They are familiar with sensory input in this setting”.OT, 3-5 year-olds, typical and exceptional.

“It (AlertSeat) gave me a tool to use for working on dynamic seating balance, and increasing attention”.PT, Exceptional children pre-k to grade 3

“These seats give the added stability that some of our clients need while continuing to work on balance and trunk strengthening.Staff Occupational Therapist at Adult Rehabilitation Center, serving individuals ages 40-100

What population did you find most receptive to AlertSeat?“All ages 40 and up” (to age 100).Staff Occupational Therapist at Adult Rehabilitation Center, serving individuals ages 40-100

Did the AlertSeat make your job easier? “Yes. This is a new activity for a lot of our clients that were unable to manage their balance on an (unsupported) therapy ball.” (to age 100).Staff Occupational Therapist at Adult Rehabilitation Center, serving individuals ages 40-100

For clients ages 40+, the AlertSeat provided improvement in “Attentiveness, Posture, and Trunk Strength.”Staff Occupational Therapist at Adult Rehabilitation Center, serving individuals ages 40-100

“You should explore marketing to geriatric populations and older adults with physical disabilities.”Staff Occupational Therapist at Adult Rehabilitation Center, serving individuals ages 40-100

alertSeatClassroom3 This student prefers the AlertSeat™ to conventional seating at all times. Medium Size, B-45

“The ball was good for our class…it gets the kids to sit down!”Student with autism

“It helps me concentrate”.Student with autism

“I used it as a teacher, and loved it”Elementary teacher

“I feel it helped my posture when I sat on it. I usually use a student chair for my work in the carpet area, but the ball replaced it for me, and I love it.”Teacher of typical 5 and 6 year olds.

“Using one myself while working with a student improved my body mechanics and posture.”PT, Exceptional children pre-k to grade 3

“The ball chair definitely eased my back pain when sitting for long periods at my desk or computer.”Pa. County Social Work Supervisor

“It would benefit families at mealtime to increase sitting tolerance”Occupational therapist for exceptional 7-15 year olds.

AlertDesk New Item: Units currently being tested in school and therapeutic settings. Watch for comments soon