Kindergarten Students Are “Moved” to Learn


Winter comes early to the Monadnock region of western New Hampshire, and it stays late. Nonetheless, students in Terri Carson’s kindergarten class at the Hillsboro-Deering Elementary School get to hike, jog run and bounce every day – without leaving their classroom.

The activity in Mrs. Carson’s class is accomplished on AlertSeats, which were delivered in November and are used in place of traditional chairs by all of her 16 students.

The children sit in AlertSeats for academic work, says the teacher, but with temperatures below freezing outside for weeks on end, the chairs also serve as an effective way to provide exercise without the risk of frost bite.

“I like to hike,” says Jacob. “I can bounce,” says Julianne. “I like to jog,” says Owen.


Children in Mrs. Carson’s kindergarten use AlertSeats throughout their day for academic work, crafts and exercise.
“I love the AlertSeats,” Mrs. Carson said. The children echo her with self-portraits that are all smiles.

The students’ comments were written during a classroom assignment that included drawing the pictures of themselves on their AlertSeat. The teacher echoes the kids’ sentiments.

“I love the AlertSeats,” Mrs. Carson said. “We use them in every aspect of our day.”

The comments about hiking, bouncing and jogging refer to regular activities the teacher builds into the day.

“The seats are lightweight and have handles on them, so we can move them to another area of the classroom for exercise,” she explained.

Even during academic time, the seats allow movement that might be frowned on it a regular classroom chair. “Kindergarteners have lots of energy,” Mrs. Carson said, “and the AlertSeats let them move around without being disruptive.”

In fact, one of the first things she noticed after the chairs were delivered was how quiet the room became. She also noticed an improvement in behaviors.

The town where the Hillsboro-Deering Elementary School is located is could have been conjured by the brush of Norman Rockwell. Founded in 1735, it has the typical New England town square surrounded by white painted late eighteenth and early nineteenth century buildings.

The school district serves just 1,250 students from K to 12, with the elementary, middle and high schools all occupying the same campus. Like many of the teachers, Mrs. Carson is herself and alumna of all three.

With Spring just ahead, the kids may be glad to get outside and enjoy some warm weather. But Mrs. Carson is sure that won’t diminish their love of their AlertSeats.

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